Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom

Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom

Kid’s Bedroom courtesy of Mazzali Photo Stream at Flickr.com

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This is a bedroom decor website full of stylish bedding sets that will make your room fabulous! Find the perfect bedding set at just the right price. We search all the major retailers so you don’t have too. Find the color, size and print you desire quickly and easily or just browse through the many beautiful choices.

Decorating bedrooms has always been our favorite area of the home. Although the living area and kitchen are frequented the most, the bedroom is the sanctuary and place of rest. Here you will find a large selection of popular bedding and bedroom decor ideas. We have lots of ideas for decorating a bedroom, any bedroom in your house.
decorating ideas for a bedroom

Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom

If you are thinking about RE decorating your bedroom in the color of your choice then first of all you want to choose the bedding set before anything else. Once you have decided on a bedding set it will be very easy for you to design a bedroom around it. If you are choosing a bed in a bag set, choose something that includes the comforter, pillow shams and hopefully a bed skirt.

But once you have the bedding you can move on to other decor items such as throw pillows. Throw pillows add a decorative touch and can give you color and this is an area of the room that might be lacking. We personally use throw pillows all the time when decorating because it is so easy and inexpensive to change the look of a room with them.

Once you have decided on bedding and throw pillows, we would go ahead and incorporate those colors into the curtains. If you have big windows or multiple windows, curtains can be a big deal. In magazine photos, the curtains make the bedroom, all the finest rooms have very nice ones featured. When choosing curtains we would go with the blackout curtain and sheer curtain. Put your blackout curtains over the sheer curtains, choose two different colors or different variations of the same color.

Many people don’t know this but accent rugs can add depth and character to a bedroom. We always use rugs when decorating a room because there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from. We really like shag rugs, because we think they give character and color to the room. Every nice bedroom has a floor rug, yours should too! No cold toes on a Winter morning allowed!

Painting the walls is very important, in that you don’t want old stale paint detouring people from your lovely new room. Painting a room is very inexpensive and it’s definitely something that you should consider if you want to have a nice looking bedroom. No bedroom design is complete without new and fresh walls. Whether you use paint or wallpaper, a fresh look on the walls is very important. But if you live in a rental and can’t paint, then consider artwork or decals to give the walls a facelift.

Decorating the walls is important, do not just to leave plain walls. Choose pictures, framed art or wall decals and stickers to give the room some personality that is yours. These things can add your personal style and touch to the bedroom and make it stand apart.

Lighting is something that many people don’t consider. There are lots of different types of lighting that you can choose, hanging pendant lights are some of our favorites, but if you want something more simple you can just go with table lamps or overhead lighting. We like to add different types of lighting to the bedroom, as we think it gives it more character that way.

On our site you will find all kinds of bedding and decorating ideas for a bedroom. Click on the menu or the index to find the type of bedroom decor you are looking for. We have ideas for boys, girls, teens, adults and lots of themes for all of them. We even have baby rooms covered. Enjoy!

Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom
Blue Beach Bedroom courtesy of Mazzali Photo Stream at Flickr.com